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  • organizations can undertake high-profile strategic initiatives including : 
               - Supply chain management (SCM)
               - Customer relationship management (CRM)
               - Business process reengineering (BPR)
               - Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (SCM) - involves the management of information flows between and among stages in a supply chain to maximize total supply chain effectiveness and profitability.

4 basic component of Supply Chain Management include :

     1. supply chain strategy - strategy for managing all resources to meet customer demand.
     2. supply chain partner - partners throughout the supply chain that deliver finished products, raw  materials, and services.
     3. Supply chain operation - schedule for production activities
     4. Supply chain logistic - product delivery process.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT -  involves managing all aspects of a customer's relationship with an organization to increase customer loyalty and retention and an organization's profitability.


  • CRM is not just technology, but a strategy, process, and business goal that an organization must embrace on an enterprise wide level.
  • CRM can enable an organization to : 
             - identify types of customer
             - design individual customer marketing campaigns
             - treat each customer as an individual
             - understand customer buying behaviors

BUSINESS PROCESS REENGINEERING the analysis and redesign of workflow within and between enterprises 

Business process - a standardized set if activities that accomplish a specific task, such as processing a customer's order.

 ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP)  -  integrates all departments and functions throughout an organization into a single IT system so that employees can make decisions by viewing enterprisewide information on all business operations.

ERP systems collect data from across an organization and correlates the data generating an enterprisewide view.

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